How abuse affects your baby
How abuse affects your baby

If anybody hurts your body while you are pregnant, they are not just hurting you. Violence can be very dangerous for your unborn child.

For example, if someone pushes you and you fall, it could harm or even kill your baby. If someone kicks you or punches you in the tummy area when you are pregnant, your baby could be harmed or even killed.

Verbal abuse and financial abuse do not directly harm your baby, but they can cause you stress and this is not good for your body or your unborn baby.

Violent or abusive partners may find it difficult to change their ways – even after baby is born. But domestic violence and abuse are not okay in the lives of children.

Even if nobody hurts your children, they can suffer from seeing you get hurt. Or a child could get caught in the middle of domestic violence and be hurt by accident.

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