Dealing with an HIV+ result
Dealing with an HIV+ result

If you tested positive for HIV, it is normal to feel shock, anger, fear or guilt. It could take time for you to accept your HIV+ status.

Remember that HIV is not a death sentence – if you live healthily, eat well and get onto HIV medication, you can live a long life. You can also prevent your baby from becoming infected.

When you feel ready, talk to someone you trust who can give you support (your partner, a family member, friend, counsellor, doctor or traditional healer). You can also call the National AIDS Helpline on 0800 012 322 – they are there to help you.

Don’t rush to tell people your status. Make peace with yourself first. There are support groups available to you. If you join a support group, you will meet moms who have also just found out their status. You will meet other moms who are coping well. They will inspire you. 

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