Are you in an abusive relationship?
Are you in an abusive relationship?

If your partner hurts your body in any way, you should consider yourself to be in an abusive relationship. When you are pregnant, violence against you can be dangerous for your baby.

You are a victim of physical abuse if your partner punches you, kicks you, hits you, or even, for example, squeezes your arm.

Sometimes, physical and sexual abuse happen together. Sexual abuse or violence is when somebody uses force to have sex with you or touch your body when you don’t want them to. Physical and sexual abuse are not okay – whether you are pregnant or not. You should never be made to feel that these actions towards you are okay.

Children who see one parent behave badly towards the other can grow up feeling scared and unsafe. They might think that violence is okay, because it is ‘normal’ in their home. But violence and abuse are not normal. Children should be protected from this to make sure they don’t grow up to be violent themselves or feel like victims all their lives.

Often, violence and sexual abuse can happen to the children too. You should try to leave a violent home to stop things ever getting this bad.

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