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Weekend hook up

Five years ago a friend of mine took me out for drinks. We went to a kasie nearby. I met a girl there.

We went out for a year and we had a pretty good sex life. But the whole time we were together she was also dating this other guy. I knew about him and I didn’t mind, just as long as she was willing to give me what I wanted.

Three years later we hooked up again. The sex that weekend was the best we’d ever had. A week later she told me she was pregnant.

I ended up moving in with her and her family. It wasn’t the best situation – not by a long shot. But it helped me save money so I could provide for my new family.

The whole time we were together she would accuse me of cheating on her. I couldn’t even look at another girl without her giving me side-eyes.

It turns out she was probably putting her guilty feelings on me. I caught her sleeping with another man when I came back early from work this one time. It gave me the excuse I needed to leave her.

I’ll always look after my child, but I had no interest in being in a relationship with her. And having a child together forced matters. Now I’m free.

This MAMA reader is being responsible. But it is not possible to know you are pregnant a week after you have sex.  Most pregnancy tests will only show positive after a missed period. That is because It takes around 14 days for a sperm and egg to implant and start to show as positive on a pregnancy test. Know your facts and do your research. Knowledge is power. MAMAs - do you think this new dad is the father? 

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