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TRUE STORY: Sure he's nice

He told me he loved me while we were dating. We were both at school. But that changed when I found out I was pregnant. Then he started to change. It was like he was a different person. He said it is not his baby. He refused to speak to me. I tried to tell him it was his baby I was carrying but he would not listen.  I had to tell my parents as I had no-one else to turn to. My father was angry. He stopped talking to me and buying me things. But he accepted I was pregnant. When my son was born I took him to see his gogo from his father. I went behind his back.

They were so happy to see they had a grandson. They paid me for all the damages from their son. But my life is hard. I am in Matric and before school I drop my son off at a daycare. I want to concentrate on my studies but I have no time. I have to look after him all night and on the weekends.

When I leave him he cries so now I don’t want to leave him behind in the day.  I feel so angry when I see his father playing with his friends at school. School and a baby don’t mix.

Be careful girls he will love you and care for you until you have sex with him. It is very hard to go to school with a baby and where is my future? 

This MAMA reader is right. School and a baby don’t mix. It's best to stay safe until you are sure you want a family, and can afford one. But if you do have a baby make sure you go back to school and finish your education. It will take your further.

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