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TRUE STORY: He promised lobola

I was so in love with my boyfriend. He asked me to marry him. But he said before he pays lobola to my family he wants to give me a baby. I was happy because I was ready to have a baby. He told me that if I give him a boy he will pay the lobola in cash. But if it’s a girl he will only  pay half until I fall pregnant again.

 I fell pregnant. And then then he dumped me when I was three months.

I was so stressed and I told him I was going to have an abortion.  He said he didn’t care. But I didn’t do it.

When I was 7 months along he came to ask me to take him back.  But my heart was too broken and my trust has gone so I turned him away. He wanted a test to prove the baby was his.

So I did this. And he got the proof that the boy is him son.  But we are still apart. He has not paid any money to me and I support my baby alone. 

It is both parent's legal responsibility to pay for a child. You can go to court to claim maintenance. 


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