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TRUE STORY: A teen mom?

Children are a blessing from God, but nothing is exciting about being a teen mom.  I know! I fell pregnant when I was 17, and let me tell you, it wasn't the best experience ever.

The baby daddy was not there to take care of us. I was in this on my own. My parents were in shock after finding out I was pregnant and they were so disappointed in me that I had let them down, but eventually they came around and everything was fine. Even though they tried their level best in taking care of us and making sure our needs are met, I needed the father of my child to be there more than anyone else. Then we could do this together as one. I didn't want my kid growing up not knowing his dad, not knowing where he comes from. I really wanted us to be family because I believed we were somehow going to pull through, but with just me, my child and my family all of that I wanted worked out well. My baby is now 2 years and he's grown beautifully and we are doing very fine...

The problem with falling pregnant young is that you have your whole life ahead of you and you should ask yourself if you are ready for sleepless nights, nappy changing and being there for the child emotionally and in all ways she will need you. Your whole life will revolve around your baby and you can eventually kiss your freedom goodbye. You have to also be financially ready instead of inviting a baby to poverty.

Babies have needs, and a lot of them. They can be quite expensive. All your dreams will have to change. So the question is: is your boyfriend worth all that? You have to consider this. Hope you will be wise enough to make a decision good for you, your health and your future. 

Go to the clinic as soon as you think or know you’re pregnant. The earlier you get there the more choices he has.



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