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singleMOM: Taxi driver boyfriend

Sipho had my number. He knew where I stayed after that incident of how we first met. Basically, there was no way I could avoid him. He always found a way around my excuses so I stopped trying. 

One day he came to my house, I was glad once more to see that he’d left the taxi behind. I think he could tell that his “profession” made me a little uncomfortable.

It was late and I didn’t want him in the house because I’m against parading all manner of men through my house for my son to see. He kept telling me how special and beautiful I was; that he loved me.

Being complemented like that doesn’t hurt a woman’s ego. But after a while of chatting I had to excuse myself to get back to me son. He handed me an envelope before I got out of his car, telling me to open it once I was in the house.

Unsure what to expect I was surprised to find a stack of money in the envelope. We’d never discussed cash before but for him to offer it to me expecting nothing in return felt like a wonderful gesture. It was he knew that making ends meet as a single mom sometimes feels almost impossible.

That gesture completely changed my mind about him. Not to say I’m a gold digger but I was really touched. He was being kind in the way he knew how.

Sipho invited me to meet some of his friends. I was a little hesitant because I haven’t had the best experiences with taxi drivers in the past. I think he could tell that I was nervous because he kept trying to reassure me.

We went to this well-known chill spot ekasie. Ha! We! Mah! Ootimer with huge bellies playing cards and betting. How could he think that I would have fun at a place like this?

I was upset. I asked him to take me home soon afterwards. The car ride was uncomfortably quiet.

I let myself out of the car and walked quickly to my door. I felt his hand grab my arm and pull me towards him. He leaned in and he kissed. Maybe it was all that emotion I was going through. Maybe I wasn’t thinking straight. But I kissed him back.

SingleMOM is a working mom who is looking for love. Problem is it’s tricky to date with a young kid. You have to put your family first, and you dating life second! Have you ever dated someone who wasn't your type? If not, would you ever consider it? Tell us about it and stand to win R55 airtime. Send your story under STORIES > SUBMIT YOUR STORY

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