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singleMOM - He's just not that into

'But this was on special, babes.' Famous words from my boyfriend each time he gets home with a new gadget. It took me a while to date again after I parted ways with my ex-boyfriend (the father of my child), simply because I wanted to be with someone who will treat and love not just me - but my son too.

I'm not saying my boyfriend doesn't love him, but he will say things like: 'I can't buy this toy because it's too expensive', and then 10 minutes later he's telling me about some new expensive gadget on special. It makes me wonder if he really cares enough about my boy.

It's even worse when my son starts telling us about his friends at school and the toys that their daddies have gotten them.

It's almost as if my boyfriend is wondering: Why can't his dad buy these things for him? I'm not his dad. And he's right - I get that. I even wish his dad would get him a gift every once in a while. But he doesn't want anything to do with us so it's not an option.

My son sees my boyfriend more than he sees his dad, and he really likes him. But it saddens me that my son is not a priority to my man. Maybe it will take time, but I'm not sure anymore.

My boyfriend knew when we started dating that I had a child - I was upfront about that. Am I expecting too much because I want him to do things for him my son; play with him, take him out sometimes?

I think if he is as into me as he claims then he needs to work more at being into my son too. We're a two-for-one package - both or nothing.

Is SingleMOM being realistic? Should her boyfriend be her man or a father for her son, or both? 

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