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Q&A: My baby won't sleep

Q&A: My toddler won't sleep: What can I give him?

My son is a toddler but he doesn't want to eat and sleep what advice can you give me? I have to give him medicine so that he can eat and sleep what else can i do?


As long as your child has no other medical problems, it is strongly advised not to give him any medication to make him sleepy. Keep a routine when its bed time - always feed him, bath him, read him a story or have a cuddle for a while before bed at the same time. Keep things calm and quiet before bed time. Make sure he is getting one or two naps during the day as well. Toddlers are often fussy eaters. Offer him a variety of foods at least 5 times a day. If he refuses to eat something, offer him something else, but try the food again another day.

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