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NosiphoGIRL - No pay no play

Nondalo broke up with her son's father four years ago. They didn't exactly end on good terms. And without his support, especially with the child, it's been very rough for her.

What makes matters worse is the fact that she's unemployed - has been for a while now. Sure, she gets child support money every month. And even though it's increasing to R290 next month and R300 in October, when you weigh it up against the cost of raising a child - you quickly learn that money is nowhere near enough.

Luckily Nondalo's mother helps out where she can. But she's a domestic worker so realistically, there's only so much she can do.

I also try to step in where I can. Babysit her kid when my son and I go to the beach or something. Being a single mom my own hands are almost always full.

One day, after her long rants about how tough it was for her and how little support she had I asked her why she doesn't just ask Mazwi - aka baby-daddy - for maintenance. I mean the guy has a stable job, a steady income and everything. But she's letting her ego stand in the way of asking him for help - demanding it. And her son is suffering because of it.

A few weeks ago the little man asked her for money to go to a school trip. But when you're worried about how you're going to pay your bills school trips aren't a priority. He couldn't go - and I'm not sure he's forgiven her.

I told her that getting Mazwi to take responsibility has nothing to do with her feelings or her pride.

Her snippy response: "If he wanted to take care of his son he would. It's not my place to make him a man by taking him to court."

Are you letting your ex get away with it? Has your pride gotten in the way of your rights as a mother?

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