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+MOM: Some blood at a playdate

Well I guess Kunto and I should accept that the HIV Cloud will linger over heads - and our kids’ -  for as long as we live. Even though sometimes you just want to forget for a little while.   We were hoping that our child will have a complete HIV free life, but no.  Some people will keep bringing it up.  I pray to God she stays HIV free forever because it is such a social hick up!  

My friends Noks wanted a playdate with her son Sibu.  We were all happy that the day had finally come. We were all chilling and chatting.  But Nana and Sibu were fighting all the time. They both wanted this one toy. Finally it got more and more physical. Then we heard this huge scream coming from the play area.   

We all jumped off our chairs to rush off to where they were playing.  We found Nana and Sibu crying.  They had fallen on top of each other,  Nana had a bloody cut -  it was not a big cut  - on the knee and Sibu had was just crying because Nana was hurt. But  the little blood was enough to freak Sibu’s parents out.  

So we took both kids inside for to get some first aid care.    As I was dressing Nana, Kunto comes to tell me that our Noks is freaking out talking to her husband. She wants to know what if Nana’s blood is sick too like us and she was checking if their son had an open wound. I know that she was just worried about the safety of their child,  and maybe understandably so. But  that scene just got to me.  I was furious, and play date ruined.  Maybe I am too sensitive to the issue. I suggested that we get Nana home immediately.   When I was calm at home, realized that my child will be followed by such cloud and I need to get ready to deal with it, because it got me worked up, I need to learn to handle it better.

+MOM and her man are positive. Their daughter is negative. Is it possible for a positive mom to have a negative baby if you get tested early and take your ARVs. 

Tell us MAMAs are you careful around friends you know are positive? 

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