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+MOM: Ready or not!

There are two months in my pregnancy that I will never forget - the first and the last.  The first month because I was so scared I woud lose this special pregnancy and the last month because it was a damn confusing month.  I was excited and scared at the same time - a lot was going on in my head, and the weather did not help it either.   January was so I hot, I could hardly keep my head straight.  And I was still working.

The last month was hard.  Some days I was ready for the baby to come out. Some days I just wanted her to stay in. It was easy to carry her around with me.     I was tired in all senses of being tired. I remember used to talk to Nana and beg her to come out so I could finally get some sleep. I mean that alone is some kind of losing it!

I fiddled with her bag which I was advised to pack ready from the seventh month, always making sure I had everything I would need when that moment came.    Although I had carried a child before, sixteen years had gone by and I was younger then. Now I was older and full of life’s complications.

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