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+MOM: I'm careful of germs in winter

Nana had this nappy rash that would not go away. I had tried all sorts of antifungal topical creams like nystacid, candizole, dicotezole, all ended in failure. This rash was just hard for Nana, she cried a lot when I changed her nappies, because it itched so much and she wanted to scratch herself so hard. This continued for a week before we considered taking her to a health facility to get help.

So I took Nana to the clinic.   Public clinics required that one gets in the queue before the clinic opens, so you can spend less hours at the clinic.  Nana’s dad and I got to the clinic a little late at about 7:30am.  It was a cold morning and there were a lot of sick people with flu like symptoms, after all it is winter.  

Imagine a small room packed with about fifty people already waiting at the reception area.  All patients were in the same waiting area, young and old, those coughing and sneezing, some returning sputum samples, others on chronic medication, some children also coughing and my Nana coming in for rash.  I was sitting there holding her and worried to death she will pick some infectious viruses and bacteria that I could almost imagine them crawling all over her.    I was a paranoid parent I know.   The waiting area was so small, and there was not proper ventilation as it was a cold morning and windows were closed, only the door was slightly opened. 

Being positive I am particularly careful of being around germs. And if Nana picks up a bug there is a good chance I will also get it. Although I am on ARVs and my CD count is strong, when you are positive you want to try and avoid picking these things up as best you can.

Finally at about 9:00 some administrative person told us there was a staff meeting until 09.30am. We waited another 2 hours before seeing a nurse.   All this time now Nana has made friends and is playing like she has no issue.   I know we need to go to the clinic for some things -but sometimes I think it’s just better to keep her at home rather than expose her to all these germs. 

It's a good idea to try and keep a small baby away from germs. Clinic visits are essential to your baby's health but stay away from coughing, sick people and make sure you keep your baby's hands clean by washing them after you have been around germs. 


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