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kasiBABE: The family pulls in

Holidays often leave me feeling the opposite of 'festive'.

I didn't grow up rich; my mom didn't earn a lot. But now that I've managed to get a job and earn some money my family turns to me for all the groceries. You know how it goes, you're all together at the supermarket and chips, sweets, rice, cool drink, meat - all the shopping for the holidays, lunch, snacks for the beach etc. get tossed in. But when you get to the till everyone looks the other way.

I didn't mind helping out here and there. I used to buy groceries before when they were looking after my son while I was studying. Now things have changed, my son lives with me and I have to pay for us to survive too. But they still expect me to buy them food and help around the house !

I once suggested that we all contribute towards groceries since the whole family gets together. That didn't go very far though - they all assume that I'm living the life and can afford to spend my money at whim. And it's not like they don't work.

I've never disappointed them, but I just feel that they are literally making me pay for all the years they looked after my son.

Spending time with family sometimes hurts more than it heals. What family disputes are common in your household?

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