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I want the church

My baby girl has just turned 4 months old and something’s been bothering me. I want to get her christened. My grandmother is a lurshern and my boyfriend’s family is from the ZCC. But we haven’t been to any church together. I just go to any church that will have me!

So my daughter is using my surname as we are not married. So I think that she should be christened in my family’s church. And my family is starting to ask more and more about it. I decided to talk to him about it and I told him they want my daughter to go. But he did not agree.

He said he doesn’t believe in it and he wasn’t christened and she shouldn’t be either. And he will not back down on this. This is becoming a big problem for me and I have told him I will do it – with or without him.

But now I don’t know what to do. To be honest - tt is not really important to me - but it is very important to my family. And they are asking more and more. She has my name so should it be my choice? Or should it be something we both decide on?

It's tough when there is pressure from your family. But you are a new family now and some big decisions need to be taken together. It is the start of many decisions you have to make as a unit. What is your advice MAMAs?

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