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How can I get maintenance?

The father of my baby denies it is his child. How can I get him to accept and to pay? 


After your baby is born, you can approach the maintenance court (which you will find at your local magistrate court).

If your child’s birth certificate does not have the father’s name on it, the court will order a paternity test to be done.

Once you have submitted all your relevant documents to the court, they will give you a court date and subpoena the father to attend.

Once your maintenance is agreed, the father has to contribute his share every month. If he doesn’t, you can approach the courts again, and they will either issue a warrant for his arrest, a warrant for arrears, or agarnishee order against his employer (which means his employer will have to take the maintenance out of his salary and pay it to you directly).

If you would prefer to have a lawyer but can’t afford one, you can approach legal aid and they will appoint one to your case.

If you were never married to your child’s father, the financial aid from the father will be to maintain your child, and not you. If you were married, then maintenance for you will be determined according to which agreement you signed when you were married.

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