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HIV: Can I infect my son?

Hi Doc. I am HIV+ and on ARVs. My problem is that I have a baby boy. He is 9 years old and negative. We live in a small room together and the other day ne made a mistake and he used my toothbrush instead of his because there was no electricity at the time. I want to know if he can catch HIV from me like that? 


You do not need to worry - you cannot get HIV from sharing a toothbrush. The exception would be if you just used the toothbrush and you cut your mouth and there was blood on the toothbrush. But then there would have to be an open sore in your son's mouth as well. Added to this the fact you are on ARVs means your viral load is suppressed (this mean the amount of HIV in your blood or body fluids is suppressed) 

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