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DAD_in_waiting: Should dad's take leave?

 I did some research and found that in parts of Europe fathers get as much paternity leave as women do. In places like Denmark and Sweden, fathers and mothers can take up to six months leave. Six months! And while they are on leave they get 80% of their salary. They do it because the governments there have seen that fathers are just as important as mothers and can sometimes even be the main parent.

Now, I don’t think I would like to be the main parent. I find it kind of strange seeing those men walking around with babies in those pouches on their stomachs. It just seems wrong. And I also know that there are not enough jobs here and our government is not rich enough for us to be able to take such a lot of leave. But just imagine if our law was a bit more like theirs and encouraged us men to be around the child more.

Here our laws are still backward and not father-friendly. We only get five days paternity leave. Five days and then back to work, like slaves! If this country wants men to be better parents, they have to put pressure on companies to give us more time to be at home to bond with the children. Otherwise men will remain on the outside.

Do you think fathers should take leave and be around when you have your baby? Or would you prefer your mom or sisters with you?

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