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cheeseGIRL: Single Motherhood

Ever since I was young, I always pictured myself with two children a husband and a beautiful home. When we were growing up we used to play 'housie house' with a mother, father and children. I think us girls were born to be nurturers and take care of the family and make sure we have a husband and a home.

But all of this changed when I was 24 and had my first child. I was not married, and my boyfriend was still playing games. My whole world was turned upside-down and my childhood dreams were shattered.

I had to be strong for the sake of my baby and be a mother and father to him at the same time.

This was not a nice experience, and I felt very lonely and afraid. I was ready to be a mother and a parent and sacrifice the party life and going out all the time.

But the sad part was that my boyfriend was still running around with others girls who were not pregnant or mothers, and that destroyed me.

I thought he meant the words he would whisper to me at night when we first met. He promised me the world and said that he was ready to be a father, to live a more stable life, to stop going out partying. It wasn't true.

All I can say is, make sure he puts a ring on your finger first before you decide the give any man a child. That way, even if he thinks of running away or having affairs, he is your husband and is forced to come back home and be a father to his child even if your relationship is not the same anymore.

A child changes a relationship. But if it was a weak relationship only based on sex, a child cannot change that - if anything, under those circumstances, a child will drive you apart.

But if you are lucky and catch one of the good guys who love you unconditionally, then be glad - and treat that man well.

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