Will it hurt to have sex after the birth?

Many new mothers are afraid of having sex after giving birth. You're not alone. The usual reason is feeling sore.

Even if you didn't need stitches, the area around your vagina can feel bruised and sensitive for a while. Try to let the wound heal before you have sex.

Keep the area clean by washing it very gently in warm water. Try adding a handful of salt to the water, too. Salt helps to clean and heal.

The area around your vagina may feel very sore or dry. If so, have sex slowly and gently.

If you are worried about having sex again, it might be better to build up to it. Maybe you could just try kissing and touching each other for a few days, then think about sex.

When you are ready, have slow, gentle sex. Even if you take it gently, sex may still be painful. If sex continues to be painful, talk to staff at the clinic. They will be able to find out what is wrong.

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