Why are my nipples sore?

You may think that sore nipples are just something that you have to put up with when you are breastfeeding. But you don't! Breastfeeding should not be painful or uncomfortable for you.

Your nipples are probably sore because of the way your baby is breastfeeding. Your baby may not be latching on well if she has to suck or pull your nipple into her mouth. She needs to scoop a large mouthful of your breast into her mouth so that her tongue can stimulate the flow of milk.

If your baby doesn't open her mouth wide to take in your breast, gently insert your finger into the corner of her mouth and above her tongue. Take her from your breast and start again.

If your nipples are very sore, cracked, or bleeding, ask staff at the clinic for some treatment. You should also go to the clinic if there are white areas in the folds of your nipples - this is a sign of thrush. It may be best to express your milk and cup-feed your baby until your nipples have healed.

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