What foods should I offer my baby?

Offer your baby only a tiny amount of food at first. Start by offering food to your baby before or after a milk feed, or in the middle of a feed if it works better. Pick a time that's good for you both.

Try offering your baby one or two spoonfuls of:

  • mashed vegetables such as sweet potato or yam
  • mashed beans
  • mashed fruit, such as banana or mango

You could also try baby rice, sago, maize, cornmeal, millet, pap or mielie. You can mix these with some of your breastmilk.

As your baby gets used to these foods, start to add other foods. Give her meat, fish, beans and nuts. They contain protein, which your baby needs to grow well. Crush nuts, to stop her choking.

Slowly increase the number of times she has solid food in a day. When your baby is about seven months old, she should be eating solids three times a day. Continue breastfeeding your baby, in addition to giving her solid food.

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