Stick to your treatment – do it properly!

If you are HIV+ and pregnant, the clinic will tell you what medicines (ARVs) to take and when. It’s important that you listen carefully or write down what they tell you.

You must stick to the right doses. You must not skip doses because if you do, the HIV medicines will not work properly. Make sure you never have to skip a dose because you didn’t return to the clinic to collect them in time.

It can be tough to go and stand in line at the clinic to collect your ARVs. You may fear the stigma of those around you knowing your status. But the truth is that HIV is a part of life in South Africa for so many people. If you bravely accept what this means and live positively and proudly, then you and your ARVs will do a very good job of keeping you healthy for a long time.

Your baby will need you to take care of him. You are the only mother he will ever have. So in the long run, it doesn’t matter what others think of you.

Accepting your HIV+ status and living a healthy life will be the biggest gift you can give your child. You will also be a role model to many others who are faced with the same challenges.

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