Safe sex during pregnancy

Even though you are pregnant, you still need to use condoms to protect yourself against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV.

STIs are bacterial or viral illnesses. You can get them from having any type of sex with an infected partner. STIs can make you and your baby very ill.

Some infections can pass to your baby in pregnancy. Others can be transmitted during the birth. Newborn infections can be very serious, and some may lead to developmental problems.

STIs also increase your risk of giving birth too early or losing your baby.

Some STIs are easy to treat. All of them can be managed if caught early. The clinic will screen you for STIs and help you manage them. The symptoms for STIs include a rash around your vagina or painful urination.

But you can have an infection with no symptoms.

This means you should always use a condom to help prevent STIs and HIV - even when pregnant.

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