I'm overdue, now what?

Most babies arrive within a week or two either side of their due date. Twins and triplets may arrive sooner.

If you're only a few days past your due date, most doctors won't offer to induce your labour for a while.

Doctors do worry about babies that are born several weeks past their due date. That's because a very small number of babies die unexpectedly while they are inside the womb if they are more than two weeks overdue.

Doctors aren't sure why the risk increases as the weeks go by. They don't know if it's due to the length of pregnancy or the health of the mum or baby. It may be that if your baby is late, your placenta may not work very well anymore. This means the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your baby may be reduced.

If you go two weeks past your due date and your baby has not come, go to the clinic for help.

You will be sent to a hospital. Here, your labour will be started, or induced.

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