I want to push - what's the best position for me?

Listen to the midwife. You may feel like pushing but the midwife might ask you not to if your cervix is not ready. It can be hard not to push when you want to. Lie on your left side. Or bring your knees up to your chest, with your face on the floor and your bottom in the air. Pant through contractions.

If it's time to push, find a comfortable upright position for pushing your baby out. You might not need help with instruments to deliver your baby if you're upright than if you lie down.

If your midwife prefers you to give birth on the bed, kneel on the mattress and lean against pillows placed at the top end. If you give birth on the floor, try kneeling. When your baby's head is coming, all-fours is an excellent position. The head is able to emerge gently. You're less likely to tear.

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