I have a hot red area on my breast -what is it?

If an area of your breast feels hot, red or sore, you may have a painful condition called mastitis. Mastitis can make you feel ill. You may have flu-like symptoms such as chills, headaches or a fever. This will clear up quickly with treatment. Mastitis can get worse if your breasts get infected, so get to your clinic for treatment and advice as soon as you can.

Mastitis usually happens because your baby isn't emptying your breasts when she feeds. This may be because she isn't latched on properly.

Mastitis gets better if the milk is flowing through your breasts. So don't stop feeding, as this will make it worse. See that your baby gets a good mouthful of breast. Try different breastfeeding positions to help her latch on.

If you feel your baby is not feeding well, expressing your milk may helps.

To soothe the pain, some mothers find that it helps to put warm cloths on their breasts after a feed. Others prefer cold cloths. See which works for you.

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