I feel sad and don't think I can cope - what should I do?

If you feel tearful, angry and do not enjoy having a baby or you are struggling to cope, you may be depressed. Many mothers feel this way.

Having a baby can be both exciting and exhausting. It can bring much joy, but it can also challenge you in ways you never expected. The reality of parenthood might only just be hitting you now. You will probably find yourself feeling constantly tired, with little time to sleep.

Talk to your family and friends about how you are feeling. Support and reassurance can make you feel better. If you feel exhausted, ask your family to help. A day or two of rest and sleep will help you cope. Try to nap when your baby sleeps.

You can also talk to a health worker about how you are feeling. There are medicines that can help. Or call Lifeline at 0117281347.

If you're having financial difficulty looking after your child, check whether you qualify for a child grant at your nearest SASSA office.

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