How should I hold my baby to feed?

When breastfeeding you need to be comfortable and have your baby in a good position.

Here are some positions you can try:

With a pillow or cushion on your lap, cradle your baby in either arm.

If you had a caesarean, you may prefer to hold your baby under one arm with his legs behind you. This way he won't be able to kick you in the tummy.

You could also try lying on your side in bed, facing your baby. You might need somebody to help with the pillows. Don't do this if you have drunk alcohol or if you are very sleepy. There's a chance that you could fall asleep and roll on top of your baby.

Whatever position you choose, make sure your baby can tip his head back slightly and get a good mouthful of breast. This will help him to latch on. Once you are comfortable, let your baby do the work. You don't need to move him around your breast.

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