How long does it take for my milk to come through?

Your milk won't come through straight away. This is because your body needs to start making different hormones to provide your baby with milk. Around two or three days after you give birth your breasts will start to feel full. This is a sign that your milk is coming in.

This does not mean that you won't have any milk to feed your baby straight away. During your pregnancy your breasts begin making rich, creamy milk called colostrum. Some mothers leak a little of this milk before their baby is born. In the days before your milk comes in, colostrum will give your baby all the goodness she needs. Don't waste this precious milk by expressing it. It is the best food for your newborn baby.

You can offer your baby your breast as soon she's born. Let your baby feed as often as she wants. This will keep your milk supply going so that your baby gets lots of delicious milk.

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