How do I know my baby is not getting enough milk?

One of the hardest things about breastfeeding is feeling confident that you're giving your baby enough milk.

After he's five days old, your baby should be wetting around six to eight nappies a day, and passing stools once a day. If your baby is not doing this, he may not be getting enough milk. Small, dark stools can be a sign that something is wrong.

His skin should be filling out and his face should be rounded after around three weeks. If his skin stays wrinkly, it means he is not getting enough to eat.

Your baby will probably tell you when he's unhappy. He will be unsettled after feeds and may want to be at your breast all the time. If he has dimples in his cheeks or makes clicking noises while breastfeeding, he may not be latched on well. You might also notice that your breasts don't feel softer after feeds.

If your baby shows any of these signs, ask for help at your clinic. Clinic staff will weigh and check your baby. If you're still not sure that you are feeding your baby well, they can help you get it right.

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