How do I know if my baby is growing well?

It is easy to tell if your baby is growing well. A healthy, growing baby will get steadily heavier and stronger. You should find that he gets harder to lift each month!

A baby with a good appetite, who suckles at the breast six to eight times a day, is another good sign. He should also be active and responsive, too.

If you think your baby is not getting heavier and stronger, take him to the clinic. You should also take him to the clinic if he is not sucking well at the breast, or has difficulty breathing. These are signs that your baby is not well and needs treatment at the clinic.

Even if your baby is growing well, visiting the clinic often is important. At the clinic, the staff will weigh and measure your baby, to check that he is growing well. If your baby is not growing well, staff will help you find out what is wrong.

To help your baby grow, keep breastfeeding your baby whenever he seems hungry. Don't give him any other food or liquid until he is six months old. This will help him to grow strong and healthy.

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