Four ways to stay healthy in pregnancy

One - eat well. Try to eat some fruits and vegetables every day. Eat some meat or lentils, peas and beans. A yoghurt and an egg each day will also give your baby a boost.

Two - go to the clinic for at least four check-ups during your pregnancy. Check-ups will help keep you and your baby healthy. Any problems can be spotted early. You will then be able to get treatment and keep your baby safe.

Three - get tested for HIV. If you are HIV+ you can take free medicines to help keep you well and prevent your baby from getting HIV. If you know you are HIV-, you can make sure you stay that way.

Four- take the pills you are given at the clinic and they will help your baby grow well. If the clinic is out of stock, ask them when you can come back. By simply taking your pills, you will be doing a great deal for your baby.

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