Clean water matters

It's important you do everything possible to stay healthy. Unclean water can be home to lots of nasty diseases. This can cause you to have diarrhoea or stomach flu.

Tap water is usually fine. But, if there is no clean water where you live or if you are not sure how clean the water is, there's a simple way to make it clean:

Pour the water through a clean cotton cloth, and then boil it. This will get rid of the germs. Cool boiled water is safe to drink. Boil up a large bucket for the day. Keep it in a cool secluded area and cover it. This will stop flies and dirt getting in.

If you cannot boil water, bleach will help to make it safe. Put one teaspoon of bleach into 250ml of water. Mix and leave it to stand for at least two hours. Make sure you keep it covered.

If you buy bottled water, always check that the seal on the bottle is not broken. A broken seal means the water has been opened before. The bottle could have been refilled if the seal is broken.

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