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What is Healthy Food?

All people need food and water to live. Healthy food is food that helps babies grow into strong, quick, clever and healthy adults. Different kinds of food help different parts of baby’s body develop.Your baby needs to eat a lot of different kinds of food, along with breast milk if possible for the first two years of her life. If your baby does not get healthy food in the first 1 000 days of life, she can have health problems later on that are difficult to fix.

For the first six months of your baby’s life, all she needs is breast milk – this has all of the goodness that a baby’s body needs to grow and stay healthy. After six months, your baby needs to start eating foods – healthy foods are natural foods (vegetables, fruits, meat, chicken, eggs) that have no salt or sugar on them. Your baby will need a little bit of different kinds of foods – some foods, called carbohydrates, give energy  (porridge, cereal, starches, potatoes, rice and pasta); some foods, called proteins, help a baby grow (eggs, fish, meat, chicken, beans, lentils); some foods have vitamins and minerals in them that help a baby’s brain and other organs (heart, liver, kidneys) develop and they keep a baby strong (leafy green vegetables – moroko, imfino – and orange vegetables and fruits; some give fats (fatty fish, milk, cheese, breast milk) that protects baby’s organs.

Healthy eating means feeding your baby healthy food at the right time and in the right amounts. But you should not stop breastfeeding – even from six months, your baby still gets half of what she needs from your breast milk and after a year your baby is still getting goodness from breast milk. 

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