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Unwanted pregnancies

Many women fall pregnant without planning to and may feel overwhelmed and unprepared to be mothers. If this has happened to you, you may be feeling scared and uncertain. This is especially so if you are not in a stable relationship, are still in school, or have financial worries.

You might also be pregnant because somebody forced himself on you (rape). There are options.

These are:

you can take emergency contraception,

you can consider abortion (which is legal in South Africa).

you can put your baby up for adoption

Remember that the safest time to have an abortion is before you reach your pregnancy’s three-month mark. You cannot have an abortion over 20 weeks. Don’t delay this decision. Visit your nearest clinic for more information.

Call Marie Stopes Clinics for support on 0800 11 77 85. Or get mobile info on *120*535#.

Contact the National Adoption Coalition toll-free 0800 864 658.

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