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When starting on solid food for your baby at 6 months remember that for the first 12 months his main food should be breastmilk. Solid food is more about exploring tastes and flavours than nutrition for the first year. However, the greater variety of food you introduce to your baby, the wider (and more nutritious) his diet will be later in life.

By the age of 7 months your baby should be eating 3 meals a day. She will soon be ready to try a variety of different tastes. Let baby sit with you at mealtimes and let her appetite guide you. Never force her to eat anything. Babies should still have between 500ml and 600ml milk per day up until the age of one year. From 7 months of age you can start to give your baby a bigger variety of foods. Your baby's food should still be smooth, but you can start to make it a little thicker and lumpier.

From 8 months you can start giving baby mashed or minced food. This is important as it encourages your baby to learn how to chew, even without teeth. You can offer a wider variety of fruit and vegetables and you can start to give her wheat-based foods like bread and pasta.

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