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Pregnant and single?

Being pregnant and single may not be your choice. Relationships don’t always work out. If you have decided to accept the gift of a child into your life, these pages will be your guide.

You might feel afraid or alone. But there are many things you can do to empower yourself.

It’s important to get the father of the child to take responsibility too, even though you are not in a relationship together. You could ask him to help with transport money each time you travel to the clinic. He could help you to stock up on clothes and nappies before the baby arrives.

Make sure that you yourself are ready for your baby. Learn as much as you can about pregnancy. Don’t feel ashamed about your situation. Remember your strong points and how much you love the child that’s growing inside of you. You’re going to be a great mother!

You’ll need help from your friends and family – and they’ll be happy to give it to you.

Unwanted or unplanned pregnancy? Learn more to make the right choice, talk to someone. National Adoption Coalition 0800 864 658. Marie Stopes clinics 0800 11 77 85.

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