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Keep your food safe

All your food should be kept in a clean and dry environment that has been cleaned properly (with hot water if possible). Before making food for your baby or anyone in the family, you must wash your hands. Dirty hands are the quickest way to spread illness through food.

Store your dry food in a dry and clean cupboard where mice and cockroaches can’t get to it. Fresh food should be kept in the fridge.  If there is no fridge then a sealed cooler box or in a sealed box in a dry, cool place. Fresh food won’t last for long so use it when it is still fresh – buy food daily from the market or join a circle with other mothers and each take a turn making the mashed-up food for baby.

If you are using bottles or jars make sure they are closed tightly and the lids and tops are wiped clean before putting them away.

Meats and vegetables should not be kept in the same place as the germs from meat can spread.

The most important thing when cooking food for your baby is to make sure that everything you use – pot, spoon, fork, pan, plate, cutting boards, graters, cup and spoon – is very clean. Clean everything with hot water if possible and dry it with a clean cloth. 

Steam or boil the food and don’t add any salt, pepper or spices. Once your baby has eaten, throw away what is left on the plate and don’t save it for later. A baby’s spit can cause bacteria to grow on the left-over food.

Remember to wash your hands and your baby’s again before you feed her!

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