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How to keep water safe

The best way that you can make sure that the drinking water is safe is to boil the water. And then let it cool down to room temperature before giving to baby.  (Remember your baby only needs water after six months).

If water is taken from a tank, river or well, there are often small worms or tiny organisms that live in the water and that can pass into the human body. It is important that this water is boiled before drinking. Tap water in South Africa is normally safe, but not always. Again the best thing to do is boil it. Once the water is boiled, keep it in a clean container and preferably one with a sealable lid. If the container does not have a lid, find something to cover it to stop dust and flies and dirt getting into the water. Once your baby starts crawling around make sure that the water container is not on the floor where he can reach it.

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