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How much sleep does my baby need?

By three or four months, most babies are sleeping 15 hours a day. Around 10 of those hours are at night. Your baby will have the rest of her sleep in daytime naps. There will be disturbed nights but by six months, your baby may sleep for as long as seven hours in one go during the night. If your baby sleeps for longer, he's probably waking up but is falling back to sleep without your help.

As your baby grows older, he will sleep for about 11-12 hours during the night. Your baby will also probably nap twice a day. These naps will both be about one hour long. Until his second birthday, he should get between 13 and 14 hours of sleep a day.

If your baby has trouble falling asleep, then it might help to give him a routine. If he goes to bed at the same time every day, he will fall asleep more easily. This is because he will expect to be put down to sleep.

Try not to do too much with your baby before you put him to sleep. Instead take him to a dark, quiet place. Sing him a lullaby. This will help him relax.

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