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Getting Tested

Before you go for an HIV test you need to prepare yourself. It’s possible that you are HIV+ even if you have had no symptoms. HIV is a manageable condition. It’s not a death sentence.

Knowing your status is the best way of ensuring you live a long and healthy life. 

Encourage your partner to be tested too, so you can get your results together. Now is a good time to do it. You might both be HIV+ or it might be that one of you is HIV+ and the other is HIV-. Prepare yourself for this possibility.

If you test negative for HIV the first time, you’ll be offered a second test when you are 32 weeks (about 8 months) pregnant. You can choose to test at any of your later visits. But if you are HIV+, the earlier you find out, the better it is for both you and baby.

This is important: a pregnant woman who tests HIV+ at a clinic will receive ARVs no matter what her CD4 count. You will be given the new fixed dose combination (FDC) tablets – and take a single tablet once a day. Your clinic will advise you.

Your test result will stay a secret because health workers are not allowed to tell anyone else your status.


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