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Abusive relationship survival guide

Nobody should have to live with abuse or violence. When you are pregnant, violence against you can harm your unborn child.

Pregnancy is a stressful time and there could be fights between you and your partner. Fights can turn violent. This violence is bad for relationships and also for babies and children.

Your partner may love you – but still be unable to control his violent or abusive behaviour. Some men struggle to cope with their problems and cannot find a way to let go of bad feelings. It feels safe for them to let go of their anger in the home where they have power over family members.

Some men need to dominate women and weaker family members to prove their masculinity to themselves or to other men.

But even if you understand why your partner – or another man in your household – is doing these things, it is dangerous for you and your unborn child to be exposed to violence.

Talk to a counselor or friend about what to do. If you are pregnant or looking after children, it’s important that you take care of your safety and theirs – before violence ends in a serious injury.

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