When are you most fertile?

If you are trying to fall pregnant if can help if you know which time of the month you are fertile. You are only fertile for a window of a few days each month. It is in the middle of your cycle between your periods. Mostly that is 14 days after the first day of your period.

One way your body will show you that you are fertile is by a change in your vaginal discharge. Here is how you can tell:

At your least fertile, your cervical mucus will be a thick, white and cloudy. This phase will be just before your menstrual cycle. You will be at your least fertile because the mucus is be too thick for any sperm to pass through it. It usually resembles the consistency of a glue stick.

Your second least fertile time will be when ovulation had come and gone. This would be from around the 17th day after your period. Then your discharge will also be quite thick, but this time it has more of a creamy look – almost like hand lotion. Thi is also not a good time for sperm.
At your most fertile, your discharge will be gooier but thinner and that will leave pathways for sperm to follow. It usually resembles egg white. This is around Day 14 (14 days after the start of your last period)

At your second most fertile time of the month your cervical mucus will be very watery, you will notice it immediately, that awkward feeling you get when you think you leaked urine, but you didn’t. It often resembles water.

If your discharge is green, itchy or has a bad smell you may have a sexually transmitted infection. The clinic will give you medicine to fix it or tell you how to treat it. 

Have you noticed your discharge changes throughout the month?

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