Q&A: My wife can't fall pregnant
My wife has been trying to fall pregnant for two years. She had a miscarriage two years ago. But she has not fallen pregnant since. How can we have a baby.

The most fertile time in your menstrual cycle is 2 weeks before you get your period, or around day 14 if your cycle is 28 days. Other signs to look out for are an increase in your body temperature (if you have a thermometer) or changes in your vaginal mucus. During fertile days, the mucus will become more clear and sticky – you can pull it into strings if you rub it between your fingers. If you are trying to fall pregnant, you should stop all forms of contraception. You should start taking folic acid daily (Vitamin B9), which is available at your local clinic or pharmacy. You should have had a pap smear and you and your partner should both be tested for HIV.

You and your partner should not drink any alcohol, you should stop smoking, and not take any other drugs. You should check that any medication you take is safe if you continue if you fall pregnant. Remember that falling pregnant takes 2 people, so you should have all check-ups together. Not being able to fall pregnant could be caused by a problem with either the male or female partner.

All too often infertility is seen as the woman’s problem; however male infertility is almost as common as female infertility.It is a myth that contraception causes infertility. Women who use injectable contraceptives may experience a delay in returning to fertility but their fertility is not affected permanently. Other contraceptive methods cause no delay. The average time-to-pregnancy in women who discontinued contraception in order to become pregnant is very similar to time-to-pregnancy in women who never used contraception. It is really hard for any woman who wants to fall pregnant when it just isn’t happening. It is normal to be feeling very sad, angry, jealous or depressed. If this is affecting your ability to do your job, or look after your family or things at home, you should go to your local clinic or doctor and speak to them. They may be able to refer you to a social worker or psychologist to help you deal with these feelings.

We normally advise couples to try falling pregnant for at least a year before seeking additional help from the doctor or the clinic. Unfortunately fertility treatments are usually only available in private. Please go to your local clinic if you are having any problems or need advice.

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