No money. No hope?

Being poor can suck the life right out of you. You can feel as if there is no hope. No future. No way out. It feels as if life is just a struggle and it will never get better. But when you have a baby you cannot give up. You have a reason to keep going ! And you can.

There is a way out of poverty and hopelesslness and it starts with taking small steps to a better life. Some of life’s big winners come from the poorest beginnings.

Here are some practical ways you can make a difference in your life:

*   Keep focused on your dreams and take one step at a time to reach them.

*  Apply for a grant.  There are grants out there to help you survive. 

* Stay in school. Or go back to school. Step by step you can get educated, get a job and get a better life. Things don’t change overnight, they change over time if you are disciplined and focused.

* Make good choices  – It’s easy to turn to drugs, alcohol or sex when life feels bleak. But these are things that will keep you in a poverty cycle.

* Take a long-term view of your life – There are some quick, easy ways to make money, like hooking up with a sugar daddy, selling sex or favours or dealing drugs. But you want to go places and doing these things is dangerous. You can end up with HIV, get arrested or get sick.

* Use protection – This is no time to fall pregnant again. Not when you have a life to live first. More babies cost money so make sure you use a condom.

* Chose your friends carefully – It's easy to fall into a bad crowd when you have no work. But if you find people who inspire you and lift you up, you can rise about the crowds.

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