New baby + sex life

Once a woman gives birth she goes out of the window. A new mom has a lot on her mind and on her plate. Nursing and learning how to look after baby become priority. Often partners get left by the wayside to feel neglected and undesired. That's according to experts. 

Doctors recommend that after a woman has given birth she should wait at least six weeks before she gets back into the sack. Although giving birth is natural, it also traumatises the body. So it needs enough time to rest and recuperate. Clare Murphy of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, a research group, said the only right time for a woman who’s given birth to go back to having sex is when she feels ready – this can take weeks, months, and in some cases even years. .

Some women take longer than others. Mothers who’ve had emergency C-sections, experienced significant tearing and tissue damage during birth, or had complications that needed a doctor to step in surgically generally longer to get back into the routine of having sex with their partners.

According to IOL more than eight in 10 first-time moms giving birth naturally tore so much or ended up needing a doctor to surgically cut the muscular area between the vagina and the anus, just before giving birth, in order to make the opening large enough for the baby to come through, that they ended up postponing having sex with their partners afterwards because they felt embarrassed or ashamed about how their bodies had been changed.

Two in 10 new fathers also did not initiate sex with their partners for about three months out of worry.

It’s normal for a mom to not want to have sex for a while after giving birth. Her body is in recovery. What were your reasons for waiting? How long did it take you to feel comfortable enough to sleep with your partner again?

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