Need help feeding your baby?

It's not easy to know what to feed your baby. How do you wean them? What is good food and what should you avoid?

MAMA is here to help. Read our expert's answers to your questions below.

This site has a lot of information on many topic which you should search for before asking a question. We have a great nutrition section just type 'nutrition' in the search field.

Will all the questions get answered?  We only answer 20 questions, so don't waste our expert's time by chatting! Make sure you ask it clearly, in English. And give as much information as possible.

What if my question is deleted?  We will select 20 questions to answer. The rest of the questions will be removed by our moderators. These may be questions that are already answered on the site or in the LIFE GUIDES or the MAMA A-Z and you can search for an answer. They may be deleted if another person has already asked this question or if we don't understand your question.

Who will answer it? Mama Claire is a trained nutritionist with a special interest in caring for pregnant women and their babies.

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