My toddler won't eat

As babies grow into toddlers they start to assert their independence. They may go through a fussy stage and also try and test their boundaries at mealtime. Help your child to develop good eating habits. Here are some ideas to get him to eat:

Tip 1: You don't have to spend hours making your baby's food, but arranging her food in a shape on the plate, creating a face, or using a variety of colours and textures can help make feeding time more fun. Using brightly coloured plates and cutlery can also encourage your baby to eat.

Tip 2: Make sure your baby sits down to eat, preferably at the table, and try and sit and eat with him so that he can see how you eat (lead by example), and turn off the TV as it will distract him.

Tip 3: Try not to react if your toddler refuses to eat the food you made for him. He might be using his food to gain attention.  He also won't just 'grow out' of his fussiness and needs to be trained to eat properly.

Tip 4: Give your toddler the same food as everyone else. Don't give him an alternative food if he doesn't eat. Wait till the next mealtime and make sure he's hungry before you feed him.

Tip 5: Keep re-introducing foods your baby has rejected and don't give up. You can disguise unpopular foods in a dish such as stews and soups.

Don't get cross with your baby if he doesn't want to eat. Just keep giving them options. Do you have any great feeding tips for a fussy eater?

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